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Why I started painting 

I have always loved art from a young age visiting galleries to see all of the amazing ranges of artists. I saw my first Monet painting and fell in love so I was drawn to the impressionists era. I was amazed at how long it had taken just for people to start realising that the outdoors and nature were just as beautiful and striking to paint. Of course, like many others I fell in love with the work of Jackson Pollock, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Magritte. The stunning colours and curious ways in which they were painted really appealed to me, it made me realise that not all art forms are paintings of photograph like images, that they can be expressed in many colours, forms and shapes.

I started painting professionally just after my grandparents passed away. They were a huge part of my life. They both encouraged me from a young age to pursue my art and from their garden is where I discovered my love for flowers. My Grandmother had an amazing range of stunning roses of all colours. I knew I had to do something for them to make them proud. Painting has definitely helped me cope through the years. From this I realised how much art could mean to someone and how it can bring happiness to people when they really need it.

Each piece of unique and personal artwork I create not only has my signature on but also their initials so every artwork is for them. 

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