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Art Statement 

My art is how I show both the beauty and the unexpected madness of the nature in our every day. My work captures the bright and beautiful colours that are found in flowers. I work primarily with acrylic paint creating modern abstract pieces. My process includes a lot of layers, shapes and textures. It is very unprocessed. I can be working on a piece all day, then I will leave it, add to it little by little, start over multiple times adding texture and layers giving it a past. Each of my paintings have their own life behind each brush stroke. Sometimes I try to recreate a process I have previously done, but the outcome can be the complete opposite, sometimes for the better. 

My paintings are bold yet simplistic just like the flowers I take my inspiration from. Take a white rose, simple, beautiful, yet striking and bold it has hidden shades and imperfect petals. This is what I portray in my work, I build the layers and textures allowing the painting to grow just as flowers do. They are unique just like every flower. 

IMG_8055 2.JPG
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