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34 Rose Arch

Behind The Art...

This was one of my very first big paintings. The painting is based on the rose arch which was in my Nan and Grandads garden. I remember the arch being Nanna's pride and joy, her favourite part of the garden. It was mine too. Every year it seemed to get even more beautiful the flowers becoming more vibrant and rich in colour. I loved it so much that in my own garden I have a rose arch, trying to make it just as beautiful, no matter where I live I will always want a rose arch in my garden.

They lived in a white house in London at number 34. I reference the number 34 a lot in my paintings as my greatest inspiration is their garden. I pull a lot of colours, flowers and shapes from it. The main flower being the rose as they had so many different varieties of roses.

The bright pink roses are just like the roses that adorned my favourite part of the garden. I use multiple deep shades of green to reflect the lushness of their garden all year round. I use gold heavily throughout in the roses and also in the same of the shades of green. The gold adds another dimension and extra depth to the painting, it reflects light just as the sun kisses the petals of a beautiful flower, the gold kisses the painting too. I use lots of different shades of the same colour to add the feeling of layers of petals and leaves.

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