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Behind The Art...

This painting is particularly important. The poppy flower is a symbol of rememberance and hope...not only does the symbolisation represent the reason I started painting in the first place, to honour and remember my Grandparents who passed away. But...

My Grandad's nickname was 'Poppie'. I don't know where the name came from, like most of the best nicknames it was just something that stuck! My wonderful Poppie is my greatst influencer, he was an artist himself. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of us painting and drawing together. And I'm sure he is still one of my biggest supporters.

He encouraged me all my life to pursue art, I would give my Grandparents drawings and paintings as birthday and christmas presents and the next time I would go to their house another of my artworks would be covering their walls.

This painting would have been something I would have painted for him. It is all about him.

The flowers are more realistic than my usual paintings, I wanted to represent just how beautiful the poppy is physically and just how beautiful the meaning behind a Poppy also is.

The red drips were added after the flowers were finsihed as is represents the lose of something or someone and even though the flower is beautiful it will never quite be the same.

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