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Love Letters 

50x77cm Acrylic on canvas 

This piece has a striking green background with metallic gold, lots of layers and textures. I love doing a bold background, it makes the contrasting colours of the flowers look even more vibrant.

This painting was named "Love Letters" as my Nan and Grandad met in Spain by chance and they then sent letters to each other. This was how my grandad proposed.  This painting is now hanging in Venice, LA. 

Cherry Blossom

70x70cm Acrylic on Canvas 

I had wanted to do cherry blossoms for years but could never seem to get them right, they are so delicate and beautiful, I felt I could never do them justice. When I finished my first one I was thrilled by it! and from that I got commissioned to make this beautiful piece. The grey silver background shimmers in the light and makes the delicate and darker tones of pink stand out beautifully. 

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